Friday, 20 January 2017

How to Secure Your iPhone from Hacks and Data Theft?

There’s no doubt iPhone is the most secure smartphone available currently, but at times hackers go way ahead of all security and steal your valuable and private data.
Of course, Apple takes strict measures and enforces some good stuff to make sure that the users’ data is safe and secure. But one can’t be over cautious about and there will be some setbacks that make the data vulnerable to hacks.
So here we’ve covered some simple tips to keep your iPhone secure from data thefts and hacks. Take a look at them below:
1. Always Keep Your iOS Updated
Let’s start with the simple one; yes, as most of us are aware that Apple keeps releasing the updates quite frequently and every update will have something new to offer to the users. So, in order to keep your iPhone secure, make sure that you are on the latest iOS update; don’t ever miss a smaller dot update too.
2. Activate Find My iPhone
Another simple tip to fight hacks and data thefts is to activate ‘Find my iPhone’ on your device. Earlier, this app was optional, but now with the introduction of iOS 9, Apple has made it a default app and it cannot be deleted.
3. Protect Device with a Strong Password
We all know that iPhone is known and loved for its 4 digit pin password protection, but there are chances that someone can take some random numbers, and it matches your password. And the result is some random person gets access to your personal data.
4. Beware of Unknown Links
This is kind of self-explanatory. If you receive any suspicious link via email, text or while browsing the web, don’t click on it as it could lead to some serious threat to your know more information.....

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