Thursday, 25 July 2013

How eas your first popose?????

"I met him at the Club, in the VIP entrance. He was a bouncer there. The big Day was when he took me out to dinner at an Italian Restaurant, and gave me a card that had a Poem with a list of promises...after dinner he casually asked me if I wouldn't mind dropping off a CD at the club he used to work at. We walked in, and gave the CD to his friend. He walked me to the VIP area, where we first met and asked me if I remembered the first day we met - I of course said ‘yes’, how could I forget? He asked me to close my eyes, and I did...When he asked me to open them, I saw him on the floor with one knee. He took out the box that held the ring, and said, "You complete my life, Will you marry me?" I was shaking at this point. I started to cry and said ‘Yes, yes...I will.’ He took my hand, put it on, and walked me through the doors to the main dance floor. The DJ played our song, and we danced. I was so happy and shocked at the same time."

Lisa S., Mississauga

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